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The Augustana Students' Council is your representation, your voice at Augustana. The Council consists of 14 members, the ASA President, 3 Vice Presidents, 9 Student Representatives, and the Executive Director (non-voting member).


The Students' Council meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in the Roger Epp Boardroom throughout the academic year. These meetings are open for all students to attend, so please stop by!

Isca Irangwe

Social Science Representative

Hi there, I’m Isca, I use she/her pronouns. I am a third-year psychology and mental health major with a minor in English focused on creative writing and I am one of your Social Science Representatives. I am highly interested in hearing from you guys; if you have any ideas on how your experience as a student and person could be enhanced, or how to increase and celebrate diversity or anything really, I am all ears. Come talk to me. Beyond academics, I am a huge bookworm (seriously it's kind of a problem), I like legos (putting them together is a highly therapeutic experience), and I like hard-to-kill plants because that way I can’t kill them (right?), psychology when I am puzzled by people including myself, and philosophy when I feel existential. I also occasionally write poetry and short stories. 


Nate Goetz

Social Science Representative

I am a Third-Year Law, Crime, and Justice Studies student and I am one of your Social Science Representatives. I ran for this position to ensure that students voices are heard, and to help make sure students are able to make connections at Augustana. Some of my favorite topics of study include Sociology, Political Science, Research Methods, and Economics. And I also have hobbies like reading, walking, and golfing. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything and I look forward to representing you.


Miron Nekhoroshkov

Science Representative

Meet Miron Nekhoroshkov, a Computational Science and Mathematics major at the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus. As a Science representative in the student association, Miron champions student voices and enhances the science faculty experience. Beyond studies, Miron's multicultural dance contributions bring vibrancy to campus life. With a vision for the future, Miron aims to host a science event that brings experts to enlighten fellow students. Miron embodies dedication, collaboration, and a drive for positive change.

Miron First Year.JPG

Rylee MacLennan

Science Representative

Hello, my name is Rylee, I am the Science representative for the 2023/2024 school year! I am a third year in the BSc/BEd program majoring in general science. 

Some of the things I intend to promote on campus are: making learning more accessible and helping instructors learn how to be more accessible, and help foster connections between students and professionals in various fields.

When I’m not in school I’m playing with my dogs, knitting and getting outdoors! I am thrilled to be a part of the Augustana community and am looking forward to making a positive impact!


Logan Driedger

Fine Arts & Humanities Representative

Hello! My name is Logan. As you can see, I’m your Fine Arts & Humanities
Representative for the 2023/24 academic year. I’m a third-year Creativity & Culture Studies major with a specialization in drama, and am always looking for different ways to get involved in the Augustana community. In my free time, I enjoy watching many TV shows and movies, tending to my plants, and above all else, spending quality time with my friends.
My main goal for this year is to help make Augustana an overall more accepting and comfortable place for all students. If you ever see me around campus, feel free to come talk to me! Whether you have a serious concern you need to talk about, or just need a friendly ear, I’m always available (although I’ll warn you now, I can be a bit awkward). I look forward to getting to know everyone, and here’s to an amazing year!


Lem Pagulayan

Off Campus Representative

Hi there, just call me Lem for short. I am a third-year in Chemical & Physical Science Majoring in Chemistry. You might randomly see me strolling through campus just to see how things are going and trying to meet new folks. 

My main goal for this year is to help find and promote ways in which people who live off-campus feel more included in school outside of just going to classes and studying.

In my free time, I try to write songs,play games and instruments (Fun fact: I’m on Spotify and other major music streaming services). I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the ASA and hoping for an amazing year.


Ofure Eigbe

International Students' Representative


Ofure Venise Eigbe is a Law, Crime and Justice major student at the University of Alberta - Augustana Campus. As the international student representative in the student union, Ofure supports her colleagues' voices to be heard and enhances the international student experience. Beyond academics, she loves to volunteer, analyze movies, and help others off and on duty. Ofure believes in teamwork and enforces positive change wherever she finds herself.

Angus Evarts

Indigenous Students' Representative

Hello, I'm Angus Evarts, I’m in my first year, and I'm running for indigenous students' representative. I signed up for this position because I have an interest in indigenous matters, and getting involved in the community is always something I wanted to do. My Metis heritage has always been in the background in my life and I want to change that. I want to know more about my indigenous roots. So as the indigenous students' representative I’ll have a passion to learn more about indigenous topics and to educate others. If I'm able, I do participate in Wahkohtowin Lodge events or any indigenous stuff going on at north campus; like a round dace.

In this position I want to exist as someone who anybody, indigenous or otherwise, can communicate issues to. As a representative I have the power and the responsibility to help the people, and that’s what I want to do.


AC Capper

Fine Arts & Humanities Representative

AC is a 2nd year Drama Major! She loves writing poetry and performing improv in her free time! She has performed in the 3rd years directing performance last March and Life in Six Directions this fall! She's looking forward to being Justice and Therapist in Augustana's Drama Club's upcoming performance of That's What We Said in April, and all theater that awaits her in her future! 

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