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The Augustana Students' Council is your representation, your voice at Augustana. The Council consists of 17 members, the ASA President, the 4 Vice Presidents, 11 Student Representatives, and the Executive Director (non-voting member).

The Students' Council meets on Wednesdays at 5:30pm in the Roger Epp Boardroom throughout the academic year. These meetings are open for all students to attend, so please stop by!

Katherine Starishko

First Year Representative

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Starishko and I am your First Year
Representative and Management major. I would like to tell you a couple of facts about myself. I was born and raised in Ukraine. I enjoy doing different kind of sports from soccer to chess. I like to see people smiling, so I’m always ready to help you if you have any questions.


My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable enough in this new environment far away from home. I want to make sure that every voice is heard and everything possible is done to make all the wishes come true. I will do my best to solve every problem that comes on our way. My mission for this academic year is to make this year for everyone less stressful, more vibrant, and more productive.


Miron Nekhoroshkov

First Year Representative

Hello, my name is Miron Nekhoroshkov, and I am your First-Year Representative. I am studying for an Undergraduate degree in Computational science and Mathematics. I am here firstly to learn, and secondly to have as much fun as I possibly can and make it an exhilarating year for all first years on this campus. “We ain't here for a long time but we're here for a good time” is a motto I adhere to and am implementing into the everyday lives of first years. I would love to achieve that by creating memories that are everlasting, speaking up for the First-Years at ASA meetings, and making this place a home away from home.

Miron First Year.JPG

Husna Usman

Second Year Representative

Hey guys! I’m your Second Year Representative for 2022/2023, and as I promised I’m here to listen to all your voices and your concerns. I am dedicated to making this school year as smooth as possible for you all! So pop by my office hours in the Forum or just hey when you see me walking by and let’s talk:) I am here for you.


Jay Modi

Second Year Representative

My name is Jay Modi. My pronouns are He/him. I am an international student from Kenya, and I am currently a second-year majoring in Biology and Minoring in Psychology. I am the Second Year student representative for the ASA.

I want to create a comforting environment for all the students whereby they feel at home. As an international student, I understand the anxiety of coming to a new place and fitting in so I want to make it as easy as I can for others. My goal in creating an environment closer to home for these students is to organize more cultural events since Augustana is quite diverse, making everyone feel more involved, and less homesick, and giving the rest an opportunity to learn more about different cultures.

Jay Modi.jpg

Sarah Nagel

Third Year Representative


Hello students! My name is Sarah Nagel, I am a third year in Augustana's Bachelor of Science program majoring in Psychology, and I am the ASA's Third Year Representative! One of my favourite things to do at Augustana is play Rec. Volleyball in the gym. My favourite thing to do as a member of the ASA is being goofy when promoting our organization. I usually come off as quite reserved and serious initially, so it is nice to let loose and be weird sometimes! Not to brag, but my TikTok videos on the ASA account where I'm dressed as a pea are kinda famous. When I am not in classes, I like to hang out in my dorm room, listening to music while I study or streaming my favourite shows. If you see me at future ASA events, or just walking around campus, don't be afraid to say hi!

Adrian Lam

Off Campus Representative

Hi there, my name is Adrian Lam and I’m your Off-Campus Representative for the 2022/2023 academic year. I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Science Biology Major student here, however that is not my only involvement here at Augustana as I am also involved in a variety of student groups. Some of my hobbies include cooking, listening to music, dance, reading, and hanging out with my friends of course. My goal for the year is to help connect the on-campus and off-campus communities to help foster school spirit as well as creating new connections. If you ever see me at any future ASA events or on campus in general, feel free to come over and say hi!

Adrian website.jpg

Denzel Kalmoni

International Students' Representative


Hello, I’m Denzel Kalmoni, your international student representative. I am majoring in Biology and have a strong love for the sciences and medicine. I aim to make Augustana an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone with different cultural backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to approach me for a quick chat about your experience! 

Ty Holmes

Indigenous Students' Representative

Hey there! My name is Ty Holmes, my pronouns are he/him. 

I was born in treaty eight territory, Metis region six, about three hours north of where we currently are. Here, in a town named Valleyview, I spent a majority of my growing life. With a population of less than two thousand people, it forced you to be creative with your time. Here I would discover my love for hiking, exploring many of the forests, hills, mountains, and rivers around my area. Also, in Valleyview, I would find my great love for both our town's community and the Indigenous community. I would visit and help our town's local elderly lodge. One occurrence of note is that I would be awake far earlier than the lodge’s workers visiting my grandparents, so sometimes they would ask me to shovel the walkways for them on certain days which had snowed overnight. For our Indigenous community, I was gratefully a member of our Metis local, helping organize events from gifts for our elders to Chromebook giveaways to the Metis students attending schools.

I'm an avid hiker, attempting to clear all the red chairs found within Jasper and Banff. Yet, I also love playing games, ranging from a simple game of crib to gathering with friends online to play whatever just released. I hope to meet you all and have a good one.

Ty Holmes Speaking.jpg

Jessica Andreas

Councilor at Large

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