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As a student at Augustana, you pay $65/semester in ASA fees. This money helps to support the organization and what we can offer to students. 

We take pride in being transparent with your fees so we will post monthly budget updates that can be found under the 'Reports' tab in Governance and we have an external audit firm review the financials each year to ensure that monies are being spent according to organizational priorities.

ASA Fee Structure

As a student at Augustana Campus, you pay $65.00 per semester in student fees. These fees are utilized by the Students' Association in the following budgetary method.

Operating Fund       91%

Includes administration, bursaries, student group funds, awards, grants, social activities, publications, salaries, honoraria, professional development, donations, services and operating costs.

Investment Fund      5.8%

Includes money that is earmarked for the operation of student space when opportunity presents and/or in the Student Forum.

Capital Fund             2.44%

Includes costs to purchase office equipment, software, and furniture.

Contingency Fund     0.66%

Includes money for unexpected costs.

For questions and concerns related to the budget please contact VP Finance at

Annual Operating Budget

Budget Updates




Operating Fund

This money goes directly back into supporting and representing students at Augustana.

It funds events, services, food security, clubs, student awards, grants, leadership, advocacy work, student publications, and operational/administrative costs including salaries and bursaries.


Investment Fund

This money is earmarked for the acquisition of student space and retail opportunities to be run by the ASA with a philosophy of value pricing for students.


Capital Fund

This fund covers the cost of office equipment, software, and furniture.


Contingency Fund

This includes money set aside for unexpected or emergency costs that are not accounted for in the operating budget.

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