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Student Clubs

The ASA provides money from its budget to sponsor student clubs on campus. If you want to get involved with student life, sign up to be in a club. Or if you have a great idea for a new club, take the initiative to get one started! All recognized clubs have access to rent-free rooms on campus. There are two Club Fairs held each year where existing clubs exhibit and encourage new membership.


Club Registration:

New registrations are due on September 29th by 5:00 pm. If you want to start a new club, stop by the ASA Office for an application or to ask questions. 

Club Registration Form


Initiative Application

Planning a larger event or initiative. Student Clubs can apply for additional one-time funding to help!

Initiative Application



September 29, 2023

November 24, 2023

January 26, 2024

March 1, 2024


All Initiative applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline and should be sent to


Room Booking Form

If your club needs to book a room on campus, please click here.

Club Directory (will be updated soon!)

Afri-Youth Club

Octavia Mashabane, President
Adachukwu Chimaobi, Vice‐President
Daniel Oyeniran, Secretary
Great Adeleye, Treasurer
Dorcas Ingabire, VP Communications
Asmau Usman, Event Planner


Primary Contact Information:
Please follow our Instagram page, “a_afriyouthclub” for event details and club meetings and if you need to contact us, you can email us at Follow us on Instagram and Snapchat: a_afriyouthclub.


Club Mission:
This club is dedicated to the mandate of showcasing the different cultures within Africa from a diverse perspective while breaking down the stereotypes that exist about the continent.


Brief Description of Club:
Our club welcomes people of all ethnicity and race to come and spend time and embrace African cultures through different forms of art. From dancing to talking about educational topics that affect the world around us. We love to share food and have fun. It exposes all
Augustana students to the beautiful cultures of Africa and we hope to make Augustana more culturally enriched.



Janiel Dillon – Co-president

Open position - Secretary

Aiden Lorinzc-Bowman – Social Media Director

Evan Propp – Treasurer 

Katy Anderson – General Exec.


Primary contact information:


Facebook: Augustana queers and allies

Instagram: augustana_aqua

Please visit our Instagram page @augustana_aqua for updates on meetings and events, and if you have any inquiries, you can DM us or reach out to our email


Club mission:

To provide a safe and inclusive environment for sexual and gender diversity on campus, and to host events that allow for people to make connections. We aim to create experiences and spaces where people are able to express themselves and learn about themselves and others as well as create a community with one another that has a positive impact on Augustana. 


Club Description

We offer spaces and events that are catered to those in the community that embrace sexual and gender diversity and aim to make a positive impact on those involved as well as in the community. Through events, open dialogue, and leading by an inclusive example we want to be a club that is approachable and secure for people to be themselves in and embrace parts of themselves that make them unique. We want to have a noticeable positive impact on Augustana as a whole and allow for our community to have a safe place to grow and learn. 

Augustana's Asian Pacific Club

Aerin Macaso, President
Angelina Lau, Vice-President
Karylle Mata, Treasurer
Faith Navarro, Secretary
Ash Valdez, VP Communication

Arpandeep Kaur, Event Organizer

Primary contact information:
Instagram: augustana.aapc
Facebook: Augustana’s Asian Pacific Club
Please visit our Instagram page at augustana.aapc or email


Club mission:
Augustana's Asian Pacific Clubs mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Asian culture, creating deeper relations between the Asian community and the Augustana and Camrose community. Our club would like to provide and allow international students to feel at
home at Augustana by bringing people together through various activities such as, Asian games, traditional celebrations, and eating Asian food.


A brief description of the club:
The Augustana’s Asian Pacific Club strives to provide a sense of “home” for Asian international students, facilitating interactions between international and domestic students. This club will introduce Asian culture to Augustana students by offering various activities such as language classes, Asian dance classes, potlucks, food making, and Lunar new year celebrations.

Augustana Biology Club

Thaovy Nguyen, President
Makayla Clarke, Vice President
Thanhhai Nguyen, Treasurer
Khushi Patel, Secretary
Jess Tijo, Head of Social Media 


Primary Contact Information:
Please visit our Facebook page: The Augustana Biology Club and our Instagram page @augustanabioclub, or email us at


Club Mission:

To provide a fun and welcoming environment for Augustana students who are interested in biology, to help them explore their interests and enhance learning about the field.

Brief Description of Club:

At the Augustana Biology Club, we are committed to providing an inclusive space where Augustana students can explore their interest in biology. We host a variety of events to showcase how fascinating and fun biology can be, and host tutoring sessions to help junior biology students. We provide students with a space to create memories and long-lasting friendships, as well as help students become informed about the career paths they can pursue with their degree, which helps them make choices about their future. We are with students every
step of the way as they ‘grow’ into who they were always meant to be.

Augustana Chemistry Society

Thaovy Nguyen, President
Sukhmani Heer, Vice President
Marcus Uitvlugt, Treasurer
Thanhhai Nguyen, Tutor Manager
Hannah Taplin, Secretary


Primary Contact Information:
Club email:
Facebook Group: Augustana Chemistry Society


Club Mission:

The mission of the club is to provide a fun and educational environment for the students to learn and apply chemistry in a variety of ways (academically, in careers and real life applications).


Augustana Chemistry Society will provide both social and academic events for our members with the main focus being on chemistry. Tutoring and help sessions (mainly directed towards first year students) will be offered to help with their courses. Tutors will be collaborating with professors on the course content and learning style. We also plan on partnering with other clubs to bring diversity, various events, scientific demonstrations throughout the course of the year.

Augustana Harry Potter Club

Nicole Roy, President
Emma McLay, Treasurer
Adrian Lam, Secretary


Primary contact information:
Instagram: augustana.hpc
Instagram: @augustana.hpc
*Please visit our Instagram page at @augustana.hpc or email


Club mission:
The Augustana Harry Potter Club's mission is to create a sense of community amongst Potterheads and bring the wizarding world to students. This will be done through various activities that allow all members to learn and enjoy the Harry Potter series's culture in a
respectful manner. In these new and challenging times, it is essential to find an outlet to de-stress. This club will serve as a creative alternative to allow students to escape university life pressures while also still connecting with others. All students from every walk of life can be
united under one commonality and benefit each other.


A brief description of the club:
The Augustana Harry Potter Club is a special place for Augustana students because it is the only fantasy-based club on campus. With this club also being non-academic, it can allow for a healthy release that can turn into Harry Potter themed fun to unite Potterheads. New
connections can be made by fulfilling this classic childhood movie series fantasy. This club will embody the history and culture of the Harry Potter series through exciting activities, including Harry Potter-themed trivia, wand-making, Hogwarts House-sorting, and more.

Augustana Outdoors Club

Eric Mason, President

Josie Middleton, Vice-President
Aarushi Gupta, Treasurer
Leif Hvenegaard, Secretary
Jonas Riel-Longworth, Trip Leader
Caelan MacQueen, Trip Leader
Allison McPherson, Trip Leader
Abdul Abbasi: Trip Leader
Hannah Boller: Trip Leader
Jessica Andreas: Trip Leader


Primary Contact Information:
Facebook: Augustana Outdoors Club
Instagram: @augoutclub
Website: TBA


Club Mission:

To foster an outdoor community and appreciation for the outdoors by providing students the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities in a fun, safe, diverse, and accessible manner.

Club Description:

The Outdoors Club organizes events including but not limited to hiking, paddling, skating, skiing, and outdoor skill development. These events aim to give students the widest variety of experience possible in the outdoors.

Augustana Psychology Club

Ava Lang, President
Mehar Bajwa, Vice-President
Jenessa Doctor, Treasurer
Tayah Fiveland, Secretary


Primary Contact Information:
Email: or President’s email:
Instagram: augpsychclub
Please email us at or contact the president at You may also visit our instagram page, augpsychclub for information and events.


Club Mission: Our mission is to bring awareness of psychology and mental health to everyone on campus through academic and non-academic means. Our club allows an opportunity for individuals who have an interest in psychology or mental health to learn more and form a


Club Description:

The main focus of The Augustana Psychology Club is to engage individuals on campus with psychology and bring more awareness to mental health on campus. The club aims to build a community through academic events such as peer tutoring, psych information night, and future opportunities. In addition, non-academic events are done to increase awareness and promote good mental health on campus by having activities such as yoga night, bake sale to raise funds for mental health resources, and movie night.

Augustana STEM Club


Gabriella Friend, President

Cindy Hourani, Vice President

Emmanuel Okusanya, Treasurer

Danica Voshell, Secretary


@augstemclub via Instagram


Club Mission:

Augustana STEM club looks to provide everyone with an opportunity to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We actively look for student ideas for activities, and strive to create a diverse and inclusive community.


Club Summary:

Though many from our student body are involved in science-related programs and faculties, it may be hard for others to explore various fields of science. Augustana STEM Club allows everyone, whether they are studying science or not, to study and learn from all fields of science: biology, chemistry, psychology, physics, astronomy, environmental, and medical. Augustana STEM Club compiles many areas of STEM into one club, in which anyone can participate. Activities regarding all fields listed above will be planned, giving everyone an opportunity to learn something new. 

Disciples of Jesus Club

Marie-Louise Lwamba, President
Benjamin Onzurike, Vice-President
Genevieve Seddah, Treasurer
Karolina Vakula, Secretary


Primary Contact Information:
Instagram: disciples_of_jesus_club


Club mission:

Disciples of Jesus is a club that is meant to bring people closer to Jesus by doing Bible studies, creating artworks, writing about something that inspired you from the Bible and playing instrument. This club is supposed to bring comfort to students because sometimes work can be stressful but through the word of God we can obtain peace because Jesus is the prince of peace. This club will help students get in the habit of spending time with Jesus by going through the Bible and praying. This club is also meant to help students make new friends and get closer to one another by spending time with each through these activities.


Brief description of club:
Disciples of Jesus will have many fun activities such as Bible studying, prayer meetings, watching Christian movies and sharing testimonies. It will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Film Club


Jordan Zimmerman, President 

Beau Alstott , Vice‐President  

Kyle Sotvedt, Treasurer  

Aiden Marshall, Secretary 


Primary Contact Information:  



Club Mission

Film Club is a club dedicated to the writing, filming and editing of various short films. Film Club meets every Friday at 6:00 PM. Meetings will be held in a library classroom that will be determined later.

insIDE Club

Aarushi Gupta, President
Anjola Aina, Vice-President
Abdullah Hammawa, Treasurer
Son Nghiem, Secretary
Priscilla Adebanji, Marketing Director
Israel Oni, Event Planner
David Bankole, Event Planner
James Mendoza, Event Planner
Deinbo Harry, Event Planner


Primary Contact Information:
Instagram: @insideclubaug

Feel free to email if you have any questions or require more information.

Club Mission:

Provide Augustana students insight on matters relating to Computing Science and educate others on the purpose of its use in the world.

Brief Description of the Club:

The insIDE Club provides Augustana students with the ability to explore how Computing Science can be applied to different fields of study. The clubs will encourage students to build critical thinking skills and learn about the practical side of Computing Science in order to complete their own personal goals.

South Asia Club


President: Meet Prakashkumar Panchal

Vice-President: Anushil Raj

Treasurer: Lalith Chintakrindi

Secretary/Communications: Dhenamuthan Ragu


Primary contact information:


*Official club email and social media accounts will be created following approval


Club mission

To create a community across student demographics that fosters and promotes South Asian culture.


Brief description of club

South Asia club would focus on sharing South Asian cultures through food, games, media, music, etc. The club would host movie and game nights, along with follow-along cooking and crafting tutorials specific to South Asia. In doing this, we would be encouraging students to take a leadership role in sharing their cultures and introducing all participants to lifestyles and forms of entertainment that may be unfamiliar to them.

Tabletop Games Club

Kaeden Hartman, President
Halden Nicolajsen, Vice‐President
Eben Thorpe-Keith, Treasurer


Primary Contact Information:

Club Mission:

Our club intends to be an open space for students to let off steam while still being able to focus on schoolwork without the stressful commitment or responsibilities that other clubs may have. We employ a broad topic so that many interests can be served to some degree,
ensuring that diversity is encouraged, and our focus on social interaction between students can be preserved.


Brief Description of Club:

The “Tabletop Games Club” strives to connect students through various tabletop games, from Dungeons and Dragons to chess. If you are interested in board games, card games, or even just want a place to hang out, this club is for you.

Wildlife Society Club

Lucille Wang, President
Lilian Axten, Vice President
Samantha Siegle, Co-Vice President
Jinxuan Cui, Treasurer
Kiera Machin, Secretary
Belle Dodds, Social Media Manager


Primary Contact Information:
Instagram Page: aug_wildlifesociety
Please email us at or check out our Instagram page @aug_wildlifesociety!


Club Mission:

Our mission is to provide a positive environment that supports learning about and interacting with nature and wildlife, provide opportunities for people to connect who share interests in wildlife, and promote events that allow people to interact with nature and wildlife.

Brief Description of Club:

Our club brings students together who have an appreciation for the natural environment and all living things. We give students an opportunity to connect and learn about Alberta wildlife throughout the school year through events such as owl banding, wildlife
surveys, bioblitz events, and attending the provincial Alberta chapter of the wildlife society conference.

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