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What is the ASA Tutoring Service?

The ASA Tutor Listing is a resource for students and tutors alike. Students who are looking for extra support with their university and high school courses are invited to search the registry and individuals who are looking to advertise their tutoring services are invited to join the ASA Tutors program. To apply to become a tutor fill out this form:


ASA Tutor Application

Where can you find tutors, and how do you set up appointments?

Once a tutor is approved and completes the training module, they will be added to the listing. The information on the listing will include each tutors availability, preferred hours, contact details and fee (if applicable). Communication between students and tutors will be direct in order to facilitate a smooth process.


Tutor Listing 

How do you become a tutor with the ASA?

Becoming a tutor has never been simpler! To apply, simply fill out the application form through the link attached and submit your transcripts for verification. Once approved, all you will need to do is complete the training module to ensure you have all the skills and resources needed and you are ready to go!


ASA Tutor Program Terms and Conditions

The ASA encourages students who are pursuing their education at the Augustana Campus to apply for an opportunity to help a peer through this program. Acceptance to this program will be dependent on your academic achievements, once approved. To verify which courses you have completed, we will require you to upload a copy of the transcript as part of your application.


Terms and Conditions

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