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Our Story

The Augustana Students' Association has existed for several decades (circa 1980's) as the representative body for students at Augustana. As the campus changed, the ASA became a registered Society in 2001. When Augustana became a campus of the U of A, the ASA was recognized under the U of A Students' Union as a Faculty Association, Campus Association, and later the Student Representative Association for students on this campus.

Through all of the changes, we continue to serve the students of Augustana by providing advocacy, programming, events, and services. We continue to adapt our offerings based on student needs.


Your Augustana Students' Association

As you may know, every student at Augustana has paid an Association fee. As such you are all members of the Students' Association. The ASA is exists to be your voice on campus, ensure services and programming, and to provide you with a variety of stimulating events throughout the year.


The Students' Council exists to represent student interests on campus. Given student needs change, we value your input! Your Council Representatives can be a conduit to pass your feedback on the the ASC. So, get to know who your representatives are here.

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