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The ASA is pleased to provide a place for students to connect with potential landlords. Please note that the Augustana Students' Association does not screen prospective landlords or tenants. For renter's protection, it is strongly advised that all tenants obtain a written copy of their agreement with the landlord.

Current Listings

To submit a new listing or change a current listing, use the following form:

Add/Change Form

Please Note

  • The Augustana Students’ Association does not guarantee the accuracy or the availability of the listed accommodations. 

  • The Augustana Students’ Association will not act as an agent for either the landlord or the tenant.

  • The Augustana Students’ Association reserves the right to refuse and/or remove rental postings

  • Additional information on landlord and tenants can be found at Service Alberta

  • This listing is a free service provided by the Augustana Students’ Association and is not a complete listing of all rental accommodations available in Camrose. Renters are advised to check the local newspapers and rental agencies for more complete listings. Additional sources include:

If you need to remove a listing from this registry, or have additional questions, please email

Subletting Options

A sublet is an option available to tenants who may need or want to temporarily give up their rented space to someone else for a specified period of time. In the case of a sublet, the person(s) named on the lease will return to their place after a specific period time. Essentially, they are “lending” the place to someone else. Students that are in an exchange program or leaving university temporarily with the plan to return may opt to sublet their place in their absence. A tenant must get the landlord’s written permission to sublet their place to another person and the landlord, tenant and new subletting tenant must sign a Subletting Agreement.

Use the form below to list your sublet. This site will be updated with avaialable sublets periodically.

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