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Representing your voice on campus and beyond

The Students' Association has 5 Main internal Standing Committees that occur within the ASA itself, and 7 external standing committees that connect the ASA with various sections within the university.


Internal Committees of the ASA



The Executive Committee is chaired by the President and comprised of the VP Student Life, VP Finance, VP Academic, VP Communications, and Executive Director. This committee focuses on the day-to-day operation of the Students' Association and oversees the long-term visions for the organization. 


Policy Working Group

This committee is chaired by the Executive Director (non-voting) and includes two other student council representatives. Its mandate is to work on the long-term direction of the organization, Bylaw and Policy review, and setting priorities for the future. 



The Awareness Committee is chaired by the VP Communications and works to create awareness of the organization to many facets of the university and Camrose community. This committee includes three other student council representatives. They also assist with awareness campaigns for political issues that affect students such as lobbying against higher tuition.



This committee is chaired by the VP Student Life and also includes four other student council representatives. It is mandated to enhance the social value of student life on campus whether it be through clubs or events. These events vary from bashes to staff versus student hockey games and Casino night.   


Budget and Revenue 

The Finance committee is chaired by the VP Finance and also includes two other student council representatives. It is mandated to oversee the organizational budget and subsequent budget updates. This committee also works with external advertising and finding new revenue sources for the ASA. 

External committees


Augustana Against Sexual Violence Awareness Committee

This committee was formed to create awareness on the topic of sexual violence on campus and promoting a safer environment for discussing this topic on campus.

Committee on the Learning Environment

This committee’s mandate is to ensure that the campus environment is suitable for learning and for students to be able to thrive and achieve their outmost best. This committee is attended by to student council representatives.

Faculty Council

This council consists of both ASA members and faculty. They meet up once every month to discuss faculty related issues and changes. The Faculty Council is made up of arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. Each faculty has one ASA member attending that can either be an executive member or a council member.


Student Review Board

The student Review Board is a judicial branch that exists outside of student governance. They are the primary arbitration body for any ASA internal issues and an student concerns with ASA organizations or the ASA itself.


Council of Faculty Associations

COFA is where people from different faculties meet up and discuss issues that affect the campus. It is made up of 4 sections the COFA Advocacy group, the COFA finance and administration working group the member service working group and lastly the senior board.

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